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Conference Papers and Presentations
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Gibb, A.A. (2000) ' The Contribution of Small Firms to Workforce Development' Invited Workshop Presentation Department of Education and Employment Skills for Enterprise Conference Nottingham June
Gibb, A.A. (2000) 'Developing Growth Businesses in the New Technology Era' Keynote paper to the Fourth Small Business Conference. Croatian Ministry of Economy Split Croatia June pp 10
Gibb, A.A. (2000)'Small and Medium Enterprise Development. Borrowing from Elsewhere? A research and Development Agenda' Keynote Address to the Small Business and Enterprise Conference. University of Manchester April pp 19
Gibb, A. A. (2000) ' What Plumbing and Heating Engineers must do to Survive and Grow in the 21st Century' Keynote to National Conference of the National Training Organisation of the Plumbing and Heating Industry in the UK. Scone Castle, Perth, Feb. 16th
Gibb, A.A. (2000) ' Higher Education and SMEs' Keynote to the Conference on 'Commercialising Higher Education - the Impact on Local Economic Development' Planning Exchange Manchester Feb.17th.
Gibb,A.A. (2000) 'Small and Medium Enterprise Development. Borrowing from Elsewhere? A Research and Development Agenda' Keynote address to the annual Small Business and Enterprise Conference, University of Manchester April 10-11th pp. 19
Gibb, A.A. (2000) ' Concepts and Experiences of Entrepreneurship' Lead presentation to a Workshop on Entrepreneurship Education in Vocational Education organised for Transition Countries by the European Training Foundation Almaty Kazhakstan April
Gibb, A. A. (2000) ' University Start -ups. The Public Sector Challenge', Keynote Presentation to the Berlin Institute for Entrepreneurship expert meeting on Entrepreneurship Education in Universities. ExistenzGruender-Institut Berlin May 20.
Gibb, A.A. (2000) 'University Star-ups. The Public Sector Challenge' Invited presentation to the German University Workshop on University Entrepreneurship hosted by the Existenzgruender-institut Berlin May
Gibb, A.A. (2000) 'Developing Growth Businesses in the New Technology Era' Keynote Address to the Fourth National Conference on Small Business. Ministry of Industry Split June pp11
Gibb, A. A. (2000) 'Enterprise in Education. Educating Tomorrows Entrepreneurs' Keynote Address to Finnish Conference on Futureless Present? - Expert Seminar of Entrepreneurship and Technology Education. University of Oulu, Department of Teacher Education. Kajaani, Finland April 28 pp 19

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