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Conference Papers and Presentations
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Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'Designing Entrepreneurial Learning Organisations for an Entrepreneurial Future'. Keynote presentation to UK Annual National Conference of Local Enterprise Agencies. Warwick. September 20th/21st.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'Key issues in Programme Design: Treating the Programme as a Business'. Presentation to European Union Working Group on Best Practice in Training Programme Design. Vienna, Austria. October.
Gibb, A.A. 1999) 'Developing Culture and Improved Capability and Learning in Small Firms. What should the Policy Agenda Be?'. Presentation to the National Institute of Small Business (ISBA) Policy Forum Workshop on Small Firms Learning and Management Development. March.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'Management Development, Entrepreneurship and the Global Competitive Environment'. Keynote Workshop Presentation to TEC National Conference. Birmingham. July.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'Entrepreneurship - Can Large Learn from Small?' Paper presented to the British Academy of Management Conference. Manchester. pp 1-14.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'Building Bridges'. The Relationship between the Small Firm and the Stakeholder Environment. Visiting Speaker presentation to Seminar of the Welsh Enterprise Institute. Glamorgan, Wales.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'Universities and the Technology Transfer Process. Observations from Western Experience.' Presentation to National Conference on Technology Transfer in China. Beijing. May.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'The SME Management Development Challenge. Learning to be Learning Organisations. Keynote address to TEC National Council Workshop on Supporting Growth SMEs. London. 18th March.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'Developing the Small Firms Sector. Lessons to be learned (from the North East and elsewhere). Keynote to First Conference of the Welsh Enterprise Institute. Cardiff. 22nd April.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'Economic and Business Development. Network Programme. Strategic Guidelines'. Open Society Institute. Presentation to General Assembly Meeting of the Soros Foundation Open Society Institute. Budapest. 24th/25th June.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Education. Towards the Enterprising School'. Presentation to University of Vaasa Faculty of Education. Vaasa, Sweden. 30th September.
Gibb. A.A. (1999) 'The Role of SMEs in Economic and Social Development. 'Keynote presentation to World Bank/Government of Saudi Arabia Conference on Small Scale Enterprise Promotion. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. March.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'Start-ups and the Enterprising Economy. The UK Experience'. Presentations to the German Social Market Foundation Workshop on Creating a Self Employment Culture. Berlin. June 8th/9th.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'The future of work and the role of entrepreneurship and enterprise education in schools and further education'. Keynote to 3rd National Finnish SME Forum, Turku, Finland. February. pp 1-22.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'Information and Communication Technology. The Competitiveness challenge to the Development of SMEs and their Advisers'. Keynote presentation to the Finnish European Union Presidency Conference. Turku, Finland. September 16th/17th.
Gibb, A.A. (1999) 'Dealing with Entrepreneurship and Small Business in Government'. Paper written for International Donor Group Conference on the Regulatory Environment and Small Business. UNIDO. Vienna, Austria; September.

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