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Conference Papers and Presentations
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Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'Strategies to implant an entrepreneurial culture in key actors influencing SME development'. Keynote paper presented at CEFE's Third International Conference. Belo Horizonte, Brazil. September. pp 1-23.
A.A.Gibb (1998) 'Entrepreneurial Core Capacities; Competitiveness and Management Development'. Keynote address to the International Entrepreneurship Education (INTENT) Conference. Frankfurt. June. pp 1-21.
Gibb, A.A. (with Ken Loucks) (1998) 'The Entrepreneurial Edge. Towards Principles for establishing 'Best Practice' in Youth Entrepreneurship'. University of Waterloo, Canada. National Conference in Youth Entrepreneurship Management. pp 67-99.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'On making sense of things'. A Tribute to Professor Mike Scott. Guest lecture to the Annual RENT Entrepreneurhsip Conference. Lyon Ecole Commerce de Superieure, France.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'Business Helping Business'. Keynote Workshop address to the UK European Presidency Conference - 'Enterprising Europe'. Barbican, London. pp 1-18.
Gibb, A.A. (with Atherton, A., Hartshorn, C., Nicholson, P. and Sear, L.) (1998) 'Business Helping Business - Nine Case Studies'. Background paper to UK European Union Presidency Conference. Barbican, London. April. pp 1-23.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'Entrepreneurship and Small Business in the 21st Century University. Should we stop and think and if so what about?' Keynote Presentation to the Conference on Entrepreneurship in Higher Education. DTI. London.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'Can we add value to the Small Business Advice System in the EU? Is there a need?' Presentation to European Socialist Parliamentary Group Workshop on 'Improving Access to Management Advice'. Brussels.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'SMEs as engines for Transition to a Market Economy. Scope for Action. What should we be prioritising?' Keynote address to EU/Workshop on Small Enterprise Development in Transition Economies. Budapest, Hungary.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'Local Economics and Social Development in the UK. The role of Local Government'. Keynote address to the Croation National Conference of Regional and Local Government. Workshop for the Croation Ministry of Economy. Croatia. 1st/4th June.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'A framework for Exploring the Principles, Policy and Practice of SME development in the UK'. Presentation to the Department for International Development Staff Workshop
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'Partnerships for Entrepreneurship Development'. Presentation to University of Stellenbosch Conference on Enterprise Development. Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'Local Partnerships for Enterprise Development. The Relationship Learning Challenge'. Presentation to the CBI/DTI/Italian Confindustria Conference on Small Firm Cooperation and Clusters. Centre Point, London.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'The Role of SMEs in Economic and Social Development. The Challenge to Management Education'. Presentation to European Union Workshop on Middle East Management Schools. Bahrain.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'Developing Growing Small Business Entrepreneurial Capacities to enhance International Competitiveness. Designing the TEC response'. Keynote Presentation. TEC National Conference. Birmingham. June.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'Academic Research and the Growth of Ignorance. SME Policy: Mythical Concepts, Myths, Assumptions, Rituals and Confusions'. Plenary Paper to 21st ISBA National Small Firms Conference: Celebrating the Small Business. November. pp 1 - 25.
Gibb, A.A. and Cotton, J. (1998) 'Work Futures and the role of Entrepreneurship and Enterprise in Schools and Further Education'. Background Keynote paper to the 'Creating the Leading Edge Conference' held in London. December.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'Getting the supply side right!' Keynote Paper at the 'Supporting Growing Businesses in Africa A Challenge for the 21st Century'. International Conference organised by the Kenya Institute of Management and Nottingham Business School. Narobi. March.
Gibb, A.A. (1996) 'Training for Success - Moving Towards an Enterprising Society'. GTZ International Trainer Workshop. Cape Town, South Africa.
Gibb, A.A. (1996) 'Small Business Policy Research and the Business School - A Natural Partnership'. Keynote. Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference. Perth, Australia.
Gibb, A.A. and Nelson, E. (1996) 'Personal Competencies, Training and Assessment: A Challenge for Small Business Trainers'. 26th efmd European Small Business Seminar in 'Developing Core Competencies'. Centre for Continuing Education, University of Vaasa, Finland. pp 97-108.
Gibb, A.A. (1996) 'Policy Research and the Level Playing Field for Small Enterprise Development'. 19th ISBA National Small Firms Policy and Research Conference in 'Enterprising Futures'. Ram, M. (ed.), ISBA/University of Central England Business School Birmingham, UK.
Gibb, A.A. (1996) 'The Global Challenge to Small Business, A shared future'. Keynote Paper to the International Conference on Development Strategies for SMEs. China Convention on International Economic Cooperation and Trade. Changzhou, China. WASME Vol.2. No.19. pp 1-5. October
Gibb, A.A. (1996) The role of Education and Training in Small and Medium Enterprise Development in Europe. Creating an Agenda for Action. Background Discussion Paper to a 1-day workshop of Education and Employment Ministers from the European Union and Transition Economies on Small and Medium Enterprise Training and Education. Italian Presidency. Torino. 28 May pp 35
Gibb, A.A. (1995) 'Strategic Issues in Business Association Development. Adding value to the business community'. Lead paper. CIPE Conference of Business Associations and Public Policy Institutes of Central Europe. Budapest. September pp 12.
Gibb, A.A. (1995) 'Strategic issues in development of Local Enterprise Agency support for small business in Central and Eastern Europe. (With Zoltan Haas). 25th Small Firms Conference of the European Foundation for Management Development. Cyprus. September
Gibb, A.A. (1995) 'Strategic Issues in TEC/LEC Development'. Address to the National Conference of TEC Directors. London. December. pp 1-11.
Gibb, A.A. (1995) 'Improving the support for Small Business Development in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union'. Lead Paper. Conference of World Donors Committee for support of Small Enterprise Development in the Transition Economies. Budapest. June pp 13.

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