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Conference Papers and Presentations
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Gibb, A.A. (1994) 'The role of education in entrepreneurship development'. Lead plenary paper. INDEC World Conference on Entrepreneurship. 'The Pursuit of Opportunity'. Singapore. July pp 18.
Gibb, A.A. (1994) 'Education: its relevance and support for the development of small enterprise'. Plenary paper. European Union Conference on Small Enterprise - 'The Life Cycle of Enterprise: from Creation to Transmission'. Dublin, Ireland. June pp 19.
Gibb, A.A. (1994) 'Borrowing from the Small Business - Towards a new model for corporate entrepreneurial organisation design'. Rencontres de St. Gall, Switzerland. pp 24.
Gibb, A.A. (1994) 'Learning Skills for All. The key to success in small business development'. Lead paper to International Council for Small Business 40th World Conference. Sydney, Australia. June pp 32.
Gibb, A.A. (1993) 'Do we really teach small business the way we should'. Lead plenary paper at the International Entrepreneurship Teachers (INTENT) Conference. June pp 18.
Gibb, A.A. (1993) 'Entrepreneurship and small business management. Why we cannot afford to neglect it in business schools'. Global Management Development Forum Conference. European Foundation for Management Development, UN Interman. Barcelona, Spain. June pp 29.
Gibb, A.A. (1993) 'Entrepreneurship, small business, enterprise and the challenge to Economics'. Presidential address to the UK Economic Association Annual Conference. June, Durham. pp 17.
Gibb, A.A. (1993) 'Revisiting Smallness'. Plenary paper to the 7th Nordic Conference on Small Business Research, Turku School of Economics, Finland. Published proceedings. March pp 1-214.
Gibb, A.A. (1993) 'The Start-up Boom - Which businesses have a future?'. Lead session paper at the International Small Business Congress Conference in Interlaken, Switzerland. September pp 15.
Gibb, A.A. (1992) 'Assisting New Female Entrepreneurs. Is support geared to reality?'. In proceedings of Regional Workshop on the development of micro enterprise by women. Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedebad, India. August. pp 11.
Gibb, A.A. (1991) 'Entrepreneurship and Growth. Which are the key factors?'. 21st European Small Business Seminar. Barcelona. pp 34.
Gibb, A.A. (1990) 'Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Development and the Enterprise Culture'. Keynote address to the Fourth Latin American Entrepreneurship Congress Third University Entrepreneurship Exhibition. Cali, Colombia. April
Gibb, A.A. (1990) 'In search of Quality in Small Firms Policy Research in the 1990s'. Paper presented to the 13th UK Small Firms Policy and Research Conference. Harrogate.
Gibb, A.A. (1990) 'You can get there in many different ways!' (An introduction to a framework for appraisal of growth potential). Paper presented to the European Workshop for the Foundation for Entrepreneurship Research. Barcelona. December
Gibb, A.A. (1989) 'Promoting and Developing Entrepreneurship - The UK Experience'. Proceedings of the National Forum on Entrepreneurship. Quebec. June pp 47-54
Gibb, A.A. (1989) 'Innovative Approaches to Entrepreneurship Education'. ICSB 34th Annual World Conference. Quebec. June
Gibb, A.A. (1989) 'Methodological Problems in the Development and Testing of a Growth Model of Business Enterprise Development'. Paper presented to the EIASM Third Workshop on Recent Research in Entrepreneurship at Durham University Business School. November/December
Gibb, A.A. (1989) 'Developing Trainer and Organiser Competency for Supporting SMEs in Europe'. Paper presented at the 19th European Small Business Seminar. Aarhus, Denmark. (With G. Dupont and A. Melis of CEDEFOP). August
Gibb, A.A. (1989) 'Can we cope with an Entrepreneurial Society?'. Paper presented to the Economist Peter Drucker Conference - The New Realities: Their Impact on Business Performance and Personal Effectiveness. June
Gibb, A.A. (1988) 'Small Business in the UK. State of Development, Expectations and Policy. Lecture given to Department of Small Business, University of Economics. Vienna, Austria. January
Gibb, A.A. (1988) 'Human Resource Development Policies for Entrepreneurship Development in Small Scale Enterprise - Do they meet National Needs?' Abstract. Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development for Small Scale Development. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. February
Gibb, A.A. (1988) 'The Changing Pattern of Relationships between Large and Small Firms - Implications for Theory and Management. Paper presented to the Recontres De St-Gall. September
Gibb, A.A. (1988) 'Training for Small Business'. Paper presented to the Enterprise in Action Conference. Queens University, Belfast. September/October
Gibb, A.A. (1988) 'Towards the Building of Entrepreneurial Models of Support for Small Business'. Paper presented to the 11th National Small Firms Policy and Research Conference. Cardiff. November
Gibb, A.A. (1988) 'Re-exploring the Key Role of Entrepreneurship' in Economic and Social Development.' Paper presented to the ISCB Conference. Finland. August

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