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Reports for Research Councils, UK and International Government Departments, International Agencies, Public Authorities and Companies. Other occasional papers.
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Gibb. A. A. (2000) 'Revisiting the Start-up Process as a Learning Venture' pp16
Gibb, A.A. (2000) Influencing Graduate Career Aspirations Towards Enterprise and Small Business Development. A Review' pp 21
Gibb, A.A. with Hannon,P. (1999) 'Building SME Stakeholder Learning Relationships'. Report to the DfEE. pp 1-22.
Gibb, A.A. (1998) 'Proposed support for the Russian Federal State Committee for Support of Small Enterprise'. Summary paper to the Know How Fund based upon Contract Research Investigations. pp 1-15.
Gibb, A.A., Atherton, A., Bateman, M., and Fuller, E. (1997) 'High Growth Research Review'. Durham University Business School. pp 90.
Gibb, A.A., Atherton, A., Bateman, M., Fuller, E., Hartshorn, C., and Hannon, P. (1997) 'Review of Current Knowledge on the High Growth SMEs'. September.
Gibb, A.A., Atherton, A., Hannon, P. and Philpott, T. (1996) 'MCI and Small Firms Lead Body Standards and SME Development in Practice'. November. pp 1-156.
Gibb, A.A. (1995) 'An Evaluation Study of Enterprise Education in the North East of England'. (With J. Cotton).
Gibb, A.A. (1995) 'Profile of Management Excellence in European Small Enterprises'. UK Study and analysis and comparative analysis. (With others). Industrial Training Authority Cyprus. pp 180.
Gibb, A.A. (1995) 'The Role of the National Training Fund (of the Czech Republic) in the area of Small Enterprise Development' (with Mike Henriques, ILO). ILO/NTF. June
Gibb, A.A. (1994) A Study of the development potential for SME related Education in Romania'. For the European Commission. (With D. Kemp and J. Cotton). pp 150.
Gibb, A.A. (1993) 'Large - Small Firm Links'. Report of a Feasibility Study into the potential for secondment in Large and Small Companies as a means of fostering large/small firm links to their mutual advantage. June pp 50.
Gibb, A.A. (1992) 'An Evaluation Study of the 'Create' Project'. For the UK Department of Employment (TEED).
Gibb, A.A. (1992) 'A Study of the Regulatory Environment for Small Business Development in Russia.' Five Volumes. For the World Bank. (With Yolanda Gibb and the Russian Working Committee for Economic Reform). December
Gibb, A.A. (1991) 'Purchasing and Supply in the North East of England. A Research and Development Study'. On behalf of the Northern Purchasing Initiative by Durham University Business School with the support of Swan Hunter Shipbuilders Ltd. and the Department of Employment. (With L. Olsen). pp 70.
Gibb, A.A. (1989) 'A Study of the Spirit of Enterprise (Enterprise Education) in Europe'. Inter-country study and report produced for the SME Task Force of the European Community. (Project Director - with C. Johnson and others).
Gibb, A.A. (1989) 'An Evaluation of Going for Enterprise'. Report to British Steel Corporation. (With D. Absalom). May,
Gibb, A.A. (1989) 'Defining Success in Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDPS). A Guide to a Model Approach'.Gibb, A.A. (1985) 'A Study of Branch Managers' Approach to Small Business'. DUBS/Barclays Bank Plc. (with R. Carlson). pp 110. Confidential.

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