Key Areas of Expertise and Related Publications

Key Areas: Asia, Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe, Transition Economies, NGO Development, Banking, Policy, Regulation, Exporting

INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATIONS WORKED WITH (International Labour Organisation, United Nations Industrial Development Organisations. International Trade Centre, World Bank, European Commission, CEDEFOP, European Training Foundation, German GTZ, UK Department for International Development)

ASIA (top of page)

Facilitator Workshop for Vice Chancellors of Sri Lankan Universities on ‘The Entrepreneurial University and Employability’ Colombo 2008

Lead consulting support for the development of Microfinance in MBA Management Programme of the Microfinance Management Institute in Bangalore, Ahmedabad Business schools in India and the Asian Institute of Management in Manila Phillippines 2006-8

Workshop programmes in Bangalore and Mumbai for the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank on Private Sector led Development 2005

Advisor on Establishment of the Asian University for Women Bangledesh 2002

Workshop programme - Training the Small Business Trainers on behalf of the Small Business Promotion Project of GTZ in Laos 1999.

Visiting Professor. Development and Delivery of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Programme as part of the MBA at the China Europe International Business School Shanghai 1995-99

Evaluation and Development studies of GTZ (German) Small Business Promotion Project in Nepal 1975-80)

Support for the development of Entrepreneurship and Small Business curriculum in the University of Dacca, Bangladesh (1984)

Support for the development of Start up and Growth Training programmes in the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India Ahmedabad (1984)

Series of seminars for heads of University Business Schools and Pro Vice Chancellors in India on setting up University Small Business Centres undertaken on behalf of the Indian University Grants Committee supported by the British Council (1987)

Study of support for Export Development of SMEs in Malaysia and Indonesia for the UN International Trade Centre (1985)

Advisor to the Prime Ministers Department of the Malaysian Government (1980s)

Seminar programmes on Small Enterprise Development funded by the ILO AND Asian- Pacific Development Bank, for SME Development agents across Asia in the Phillippines and Malaysia (

Visiting Professor University of Hokkaido Japan (1987/88)


AFRICA (top of page)

Lead consulting support for the development of Microfinance in MBA Management Programme of the Microfinance Management Institute in the University of Pretoria Business School S. Africa 2006-8

Policy Workshop Series Five Southern African countries with Graham Bannock for Senior government staff, stakeholder organisations, politicians.Private Sector Development and Regulation in Southern Africa’ on behalf of UK government 2004

Evaluation study of the performance of AFCAP – the World Bank (CGAP) Microfinance Development Organisation in East African 2001

Lead on Programme to Explore the Potential for Private Sector Partnership in Malawi through Value Chain Development’ UK Dept. for International Development 2000/1

Report on the structure and management of DfIDs enterprise development portfolio in East Africa to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of aid for private sector development'.2001

Support for the development of the University of Dar es Salaam Entrepreneurship Development Centre, Tanzania 2000 on

Support for the Strategic Development of the CEFE/GTZ Programme of Local Enterprise Agency development in South Africa (1998-99

Workshops Training Local Small Enterprise Development Agents in Kano Nigeria (1981)

National Development programmes for Local Small Enterprise Development Officers throughout Nigeria (1980s)

Development and Dissemination of National Working for Myself self employment programme in collaboration with the Nigerian Department of Industry (1980s)



Workshops in Brazil and Argentina on Enterprise Culture, Entrepreneurship and Small and Medium business development. 2007

Lead speaker at the Latin American Entrepreneurship Network in Cali Colombia 2005 and 2001

Programme series for Euroforum in Latin America focussed upon Business Start-up processes. Through ESADE Barcelona supported by the European Commission-covering the majority of Latin American Countries 1996-98

Programme for Development of Small Business Advisors in the West Indies 1980s

Support Programme for development of Small Business Services in the University of the West Indies 1980s

Programme for NGO development agency staff in the West Indies 1980s



NORTH AMERICA (top of page)

Advisory visit to the Canadian Federal Government Ministry of Industry ( )

Advisor to the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) on SME Development and Development of Counselling Support Services

Studies of the US Small Business Development Centre and Small Business Institute Programmes - for the UK Government

4. Several Keynote Contributions to major Canadian SME Development Conferences

5. Former Vice President of the International Council for Small Business


EUROPE (top of page)

Workshop, supported by the ILO for Balkans transition states on policy development for ,
Small and Medium enterprise Development 2005

Advisor to and active participant in the creation, growth and development of the Entrepreneurship Centre at the University of Strossmayer Osijek Croatia supported by the Open Society Institute and the creation of wide range of programmes

Adviser to the European Training Foundation, Turin 1998-99

Preparation of background paper to the meeting of the Ministers of Education and Employment of the European Union and the Transition Economies of Eastern and Central Europe under the Italian Presidency of the European Union 1996

Leader of Team and writer of the Small Firm Trainer Competency modules -5 Volumes - for the European Union Vocational Training Organisation CEDEFOP

Member of the l Team which drafted background concept paper and documentation for the Establishment of the EU Small Firms Directorate DGXX111 under Abel Matutes

Developer and Initiator of the annual European Forum for Management Development European Training the Trainers Entrepreneurship Programme

Research and Development of International Training Programme for staff of the Italian Bilateral Chambers of Commerce for Union Camerere Italy

Development of Italian Training the SME Trainers Programme in collaboration with ISFOR and CEDEFOP

Joint Director of study of Programmes and Policies for Small Firms Assistance in Europe - for the EFMD and European Commission - 1986

Member of the initiating group of the European Council of Small Business (branch of the International Council of Small Business) and member of the inaugural Board

Member of the Small Firms Steering Group of the European Foundation for Management Development

Study of SME policy and support programmes including loan guarantees in Germany for UK Department of Industry 1983

12. 'Lending to Small Business' -focus group discussion and report of workshop of major European banking representatives - for the EFMD 1984



Ongoing visiting Professor to the Bled Business School, Slovenia and its CEEMAN Programme for staff development of staff of schools of business in the transition economies

Programme Bosnia Developing Counselling and Consulting Skills for the Independent Enterprise. Sarajevo February 2003

Advisor to and Workshop facilitator for the UNIDO/OECD Transition Economies Policy Forum on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development (TE FEED) 2002

Support for the establishment of the International Small Business Centre at the University of Moscow 1989 94

Support for the establishment of a Centre for SME Development at the Russian Academy of Economy Moscow 1996-8

Collaboration with large State Company Prombribor in the Autonomous Republic of Chuvash Russia in successful pioneering experiment to break up the company into small entrepreneurial units 1992 -96

Initiation of Enterprise Education programme in Samara State Russia 1997

Advisory Support to the Russian Federal Government State Committee for Support of Small Business -1998

Programme for Deans and Directors and staff of Business Schools in the CIS (through EFMD)1994-5

Work with Solidarnoz in Poland on regional development 1990

Programme of work with the Gdansk Management Centre Poland on the development of SME programmes 1992-4

Work with Solidarnoz and the Ministry of Education and the Stefan Batory Foundation on the development of Working for Myself programmes in the Vocational Education system in Poland

Initiation of a national programme for the training and certification of counsellors for small businesses in Poland - with the Polish Co-operation Fund and Solidarnoz 1995-6

Development of national programme of training for the staff of Local Enterprise Agencies in Hungary with Hungarian Centre for Enterprise Promotion 1993-6

Initiation of Schools Enterprise Education Programmes in Hungary with SEED and the Hungarian Ministry of Labour

Development of Training programmes for staff of Local Enterprise Agencies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia with the key national ministries 1993-5

Study of the strength of training programme support for SME development in the Czech Republic for the National Training Fund and ILO, 1996

Initiation of Enterprise Education Schools Programmes in Slovenia 1996-

Support for the development of Small Enterprise Management programmes in the national management college IROMA in Romania 1995-

Initiator of programmes on downsizing and restructuring of state companies into smaller units in Romania 1996-

Director of major Comparative study of Policy and programmes in Support of SME Development in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovenia - (for UNIDO) - 1997

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