Key Areas of Expertise and Related Publications
Key Areas: Start-up, Survival, Growth, Technology

Presentations to and workshop discussion with the Dynamic Entrepreneurs Forum Buenos Aires
Argentina 2007

Development and national dissemination of a Growth Programmes for SMES in Croatia for The Strossmayer University Centre for Entrepreneurship 2004 onwards

Leadership in the development of a University system for support of University Technology Transfer and SME Development University of Durham 1999/2000

Research and Development of case book on best practice in support of SME growth through training in Central and Eastern Europe for the European Training Foundation 1999

Development of concept base for Relationship management Programmes as learning vehicles for SMEs (with banks, accountants, consultants, customers, suppliers and within the organisation) (1998

Designing programmes to support the Business Start in Latin America (with ESADE business school, Barcelona for universities and NGOs throughout Latin America (programmes located in Chile, Brazil and Colombia) - for the Euroform iniative of the European Commission1995 -98.

Development of self Diagnostic Company Growth Audit Manual 1990

'Design and Development of first National Business Start-up Programme (New Enterprise Programme (with Manchester Business School for the UK Manpower Services Commission (1986)

Development of the Small Business Growth Programme - 1986 - disseminated nationally in the UK with UK government support. Subsequently disseminated internationally in many countries with key partners including India, Australia, Portugal, Croatia as well as several other transition countries. Included in ILO best practice manual

Partnership in developing ‘concept into practice’ programme in Russia and Romania on creating small businesses out of the downsizing of large, former state owned corporations 1983-85

Creation of 'Skills into Business' a programme focused upon assisting the unemployed skilled worker to explore the use of his/her skills in self employment. Developed and disseminated nationally for the UK Manpower Services Commission.1980

Setting up of Enterprise North support service throughout the North East Region of the UK involving 10 panels of existing entrepreneurs as advisors to new business development - the first UK voluntary support service for SME development 1973-78. In partnership with the entrepreneur Herbert Loebl and the DTI

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