Key Areas of Expertise and Related Publications
Key Areas: Regulation - Institution Development - SME Development Strategy - Employment and Training - Policy Research Institutes - NGO Support

Policy Workshops in Brazil and Argentina 2007

Advisor to UK National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship 2005 onwards

Advisor to the establishment of the Open Society Institute and World Bank funded Microfinance Management Institute, Washington USA 2005 9

Advisor on Small Enterprise Development to the Open Society Institute 2000- 2006

Advisor to the establishment of the National Small Firms Policy Institute CEFOR in Croatia

ILO Workshop Macedonia for South Eastern Europe Transition Economy Policy Staff, ‘Developing Effective Policies and Programmes for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development’ 2004

Advisor to and Workshop facilitator for the UNIDO/OECD Transition Economies Policy Forum in Turkey on Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Development (TE FEED) 2002-4

Policy Workshop Series in five Southern African countries with Graham Bannock for Senior government staff, stakeholder organisations, politicians.Private Sector Development and Regulation in Southern Africa’ on behalf of UK government 2004

Policy research for Tanzania government and NGO staff Dar es Salaam  Micro and Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector. 2001

Workshop Development Programme for UNIDO Staff. SME Policy Assessment and Policy Development for Private Sector Development Vienna 2001

Working Committee on Employment in preparation for the first UK Competitiveness White Paper 1998 - Chair Small Firms Sub - Committee

Advisor to the EU European Training Foundation Small Firms Strategy Development Group 1994-6

Former President of UK National Appeals Tribunal under the Industrial Training Act

Advisor to the Congress of Ministers of Education and Employment from Western and Central and Eastern Europe under Italian Presidency of the EU (Rome 1996) and Writer of the Background Discussion Paper on Employment , Education and Training of Small Business in Europe

Co- author of the Background Feasibility Report on the establishment of the Small Firms Directorate (DG XX111) in the European Commission for Sr. Matutes the first Small Firms Commissioner

Advisor positions to: the Prime Ministers Co-ordinating Dept Malaysia on Developing Policies and Programmes for Bumiputra (indigenous Malay) Entrepreneurship Promotion - in ? and ?

Advisor to Canadian Federal Government on Enterprise Promotion

Advisory missions to Russian State Committee for Small Business 1996

Advisory missions to Ukraine State Committee for Entrepreneurship Development 1999/2000

Member of Economic Advisory Sub Committee to the Soros Foundation Open Society Initiative

Writing Of Address of the President of the ILO on Small Firms Development to the Annual Conference of the ILO 199?

Writing of the UNIDO address on Regulatory Reform in Central and Eastern Europe to Donor Conference 1998

Co-ordinator/Designer/Author of UNIDO study on Comparative Economic and Social Policies for the Promotion of SME Development in the Central and Eastern European Country members of the Central European Initiative - six Country Reports and Overview

Keynote speech and preparatory research for the UK Presidency of the European Union 'Enterprise Europe' Conference (on Business to Business) 1998

Keynote Address to the Finnish European Presidency Conference Helsinki 1999

Invited Contributions to the CIPE International Policy Institutes\Associations Seminars in Budapest 1993 and 1994

In House Workshops for UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) , NSTIKA South African SME Development Agency, European Training Foundation, Canadian Federal Government staff


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