Key Areas of Expertise and Related Publications

Key Areas: Counselling, Training, Local Development Agents, NGO, Competency Development

Programme to Develop the staff of Small Business Development Centres in Croatia to deliver the Growth Programme via a training and consultancy process on behalf of the European Training Foundation 2004/5

Consultant to EU TRAC consortium programme. The development of the consulting role of the accountancy profession in Small Business  2004

Programme for Ceeman at Bled School of Management. Consultancy for management educators April 21-24 2003

Programme Bosnia Developing Counselling and Consulting Skills for the Independent Enterprise. Sarajevo February 2003

Initiator and provider of national training programme for the Counsellors of the first UK Small Firms Counselling Service 1985 onwards

Initiator and provider of National training programmes for Directors and staff of all of the 300 plus UK Local Enterprise Agencies in the 1980s and early 1990s

Initiator and Director of the First UK Small Enterprise Training the Trainers Programme 1976 onwards

Initiator and first Director of the European Small Business Training the Trainers Programme run on behalf of the European Foundation for Management Development 1990 onwards

Director of Research and major author of the CEDEFOP Guides to Small Firm Trainer Competency - Covering General competency, Start up, Survival, Growth and Internationalisation date 1985

Author of Support Guides to Counselling Of Small Business covering Start -up, Survival, Growth, Problem Solving, Marketing, Production, Finance, Soft Skills and an Overview on the approach needed

Author of the Guide to Audit of SME Growth Potential - for use by Trainers, Counsellors and Owner Managers

Development (with Derek Craven and John Eversley) of the Trainers guide to Skills into Business (later, Working for Myself) - a comprehensive Business Start up Programme and associated national training the trainers programme.

Lead role in the development with the ILO and UNDP of a model approach to Small Business Training and Development involving cases of 'best practice' from around the world.

Training the Trainers and Counsellors programmes for staff of SME development agencies and Business Schools in Poland, Hungary, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Latvia, South Africa, Nigeria, West Indies, Latin American States, Malaysia, Nepal, Bangladesh and Canada

External Adviser to the Development of a National Programme of Counsellor Competency Development in Canada, initiated in the Atlantic Provinces and subsequently extended

Numerous training programmes for staff of public and NGO development agencies world -wide including India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Phillipines, Nepal, Laos, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, West Indies, Russia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Romania Finland and Canada (See INTERNATIONAL)

Workshop for International Small Business Partners of KPMG - in Amsterdam

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